Michael Brehl is a teaching artist/metalsmith who lives and works in Mount Rainier, Maryland with his wife and two children. He was born in 1962 and was raised in Minnesota. He has been a practicing silversmith since 1988. Metalsmithing has been a part of the human experience for ten thousand years, and has applications in the art world, industry, and everyday life. Michael’s career reflects this and has included gallery exhibits, extensive prototyping for the flatware industry, production of judaica and liturgical hollowware, consultations with museum professionals, numerous commissions for wedding jewelry and other personal objects, and, of course, teaching.
Several years ago Michael realized that what he loves most is teaching and demonstrating metalsmithing—not just to college students, but to adults and children of all ages. Inspired by the story of ceramicist George Ohr (“The Mad Potter of Biloxi”, who lived from 1857 to 1918) Michael invested in numerous tools and built collapsible furniture and cabinets to create a portable teaching studio. He has brought this teaching studio to many venues, including community centers, the Smithsonian, farmer’s markets, the Washington Goldsmith’s Guild, schools, and maker fairs.